The Department of Community Development is the City agency that administers federal, state, and local funds to provide an array of unique community services and social programs.  The department advocates and interacts with other city departments, local, state. and federal agencies, public and private businesses to serve Kenner residents.  Working in partnership with others, over the past year the department successfully met many unique needs such as providing capital improvements, educating our youth, housing the homeless, assisting fire victims, sponsoring food drives and food basket distributions for  needy  families during the holidays, awarding grants to youth to attend summer camps and  providing financial assistance for first-time homebuyers.    

Specializing in providing help for needy Kenner families, communities and neighborhoods, grants and funding awards designed to primarily serve neighborhoods and families of low-income households.  In addition to funding received from the City, the department administers various State and Federal grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Jefferson HOME Consortium, and the Louisiana Housing Corporation. 

Community Development Department

Tamithia P. Shaw, Director
City of Kenner
624 Williams Boulevard
Kenner, Louisiana 70062
Telephone: (504) 468-7588

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