Under Title II of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act, as amended, the United States Congress authorized the HOME Investment Partnerships program.  The HOME Program is the largest federal block grant program, administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  It is designed exclusively to create affordable housing for low-income households.  It provides funding to State and local governments for rental and homebuyer housing development, homebuyer (downpayment) assistance, homeowner rehabilitation assistance and tenant-based rental assistance.  Additionally, HOME funds may be allocated to a designated Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), which assists in the development of new construction and rehabilitated housing units.

The HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) provides formula grants to states and localities.  The formula allocation set by HUD considers the relative inadequacy of each jurisdiction’s housing supply, its incidence of poverty, its fiscal distress, and other factors.

The City of Kenner receives an annual allocation of HOME funding as a member of the Jefferson Parish HOME Consortium.  Communities that do not qualify for an individual allocation under the formula can join with one or more neighboring localities in a legally binding consortium whose members’ combined allocation would meet the threshold for direct funding.  The Jefferson Parish HOME Consortium is comprised of Jefferson Parish, the City of Kenner, and the Parish of St. Charles.  HOME funds are used as gap financing to make housing affordable.

Federal Funding Awards are Conditional

All funds awarded by the City to an applicant or for a project are subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, ordinances, policies, procedures and other assurances.  The City of Kenner, through its designee, has the discretion to cancel an award of funds when it has been determined that an award of funds may cause the City to be in non-compliance with any applicable legal authority including the policies implemented by the Department of Community Development.  The City is not liable for any loss incurred as a result of a reduction, cancellation, termination, or rescission of an award and is under no obligation to fund the applicant or project under such circumstances.